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welcome to the west village!

The Rodney Parham Merchants Association would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for visiting. The merchants on and around Rodney Parham came together and formed West Village to help unify the businesses and promote the Little Rock area. 

West Village is made up of business leaders within the Rodney Parham District.  These merchants understand collectively the need for a community based collaborative that continuously works toward building wealth for the future of our community. West Village's goal is to be active in promoting the area as an ideal place to locate or expand a business.  It has been a vehicle for current and prospective business professionals to become acquainted with others in our area.  


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The Rodney Parham District Business & Merchants Association d/b/a West Village, promotes economic opportunities for businesses and merchants with a diverse mix of anchor retail establishments. We work to create a marketplace for community members, residents and visitors to enjoy family-friendly experiences alongside a safe entertainment district.

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Our Vision is to band together as merchants and neighbors to restore, revitalize, and return West Little Rock to the thriving economic environment in which we reside and work.